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FREE TODAY: Saturday, March 7th


Available for free today only on Amazon; I’d appreciate a review in exchange for the free copy but I’d be happy enough if you read it and told a friend, co-worker, or colleague. Thank you.

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One of the most brutally honest, candid views of male sexuality ever written; a no-holds-barred accounting of marital fidelity and infidelity. You may not understand your man completely if you haven’t read this novel. Please tell your friends, especially if they’re married.

Free Information on Male Sexuality

My novel, An Ordinary Man, by me, an ordinary man, will be free on March 7, 2015. It is an absolute no-holds-barred view of male sexuality, especially with respect to long-term monogamy, from the standpoint of a man who is contemplating an affair. Chances are good that, objectively speaking, your guy is an ordinary man as well. Download this from Amazon and page through it for an inside look at what makes him tick. Tell your girl friends. Thank you!

Now Available in Paperback

Cover - elb

An Ordinary Man is now available in paperback from Amazon. It is guaranteed to spice up your book club.

Sarah’s Revenge

“And of course he knew that I would divorce him if I found out, and that I would take as much of his money as I possibly could. And that didn’t seem to bother him. He’s the best at what he does; he’ll land on his feet regardless of what I do. That even includes killing myself. ‘Poor misguided Sarah’ is all he’d say.”

This comes from the most controversial chapter in An Ordinary Man; when Sarah, the wife of Richard’s best friend, Dr. Andrew Hillsdale, decides she will take revenge on her husband’s philandering by attempting to destroy that friendship. Her deed is perfectly crafted to do so, and quite dark.

As the author of the novel, dealing as it does with the male view of marital love and sex, adultery and reconciliation, I probably should mark my calendar for April 25, 2014 – the release date for a Cameron Diaz / Kate Upton movie, The Other Woman – which indicates it will take a more light-hearted approach to the all-to-common tragedy of infidelity.

I am not sure, however, that I would agree with a comment attributed to Ms. Diaz in the New York Daily News, quoting England’s OK! Magazine, that, “everybody has been cheated on, everyone will be cheated on.” In fact, the novel was written in an attempt to make infidelity less of a certainty by explaining how guys see things.

Cover Change

I have changed the cover of the book, from:



Cover - elb

The original cover reflected a woman grown inaccessible and guarded, but given that the title is An Ordinary Man, it might make more sense to put a man on the cover (although this particular man is far from ordinary in real life).

Hard Truths: Soft Undergarments

Such pretty things bras could be, with such a charming assignment; hold the lady’s breasts in place, please. What a concept. He disliked the new ones that presumed to improve upon a woman’s natural shape, or worse, added mass that was not there while smoothing over the nipple that was. Understandable in some environments but so asexual and inorganic. The one she was wearing was more like an undergarment than the molded cups in vogue today, which resemble nothing so much as a medieval cuirass as they hang on the shower rod to dry. Once taken off, hers would crumple in his hand like undergarments were supposed to, rather than persist as a misguided corporate attempt to homogenize female anatomy.

a cuirass

a cuirass

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Hard Truths: Metamorphosis

Richard turned and saw Sean [his son] standing several yards away; all boy – flushed, tousled, sweaty, but as yet unmarred by testosterone. And irritated that his father was talking to the mother of his classmate in the presence of the classmate. Oh, Sean, Richard thought, if Katie takes after her mother, you would be well-served to be friendly with her. Although actually, contemplating the things young girls will grow up to do filled him with unease, and not just because of Amanda [his daughter]. He preferred not to think of the transmutation from young girl to young woman.

When I was in my early twenties, I was married to a beautiful and very sexy girl, also in her early twenties, and when we came to visit her parents, the fact that we had an active physical relationship was probably abundantly clear to her father. I never gave that much thought – how he must have felt as I plundered his daughter in his own house. And yet, the premise of my novel is that an active sex life is essential to marriage, so when I hope my daughter is happily married ….

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Hard Truths: Hugs

Hugging a woman you haven’t slept with always gave you a little insight into what it would be like to do so. For those few seconds, you became privy to details ordinarily reserved for her lover. Some of those details, such as the enthusiasm with which she embraces you, are dependent upon her feelings for you, but others, such as how she smells, the texture of her hair, the depth of the flesh covering her back and shoulders, are just there for the taking. He dropped one arm low to push her slender body into his, midsection to midsection, and was pleased at the lack of resistance. She would join hips readily.
As he was soaking up these illicit details in his embrace, he looked down the path from which she had come and noticed a young man standing off in the distance, looking at them. He was quite slight, not particularly tall, with a face darkened by a thin black beard and eyes that seemed all pupil. Of course. He relaxed his grip on the young man’s woman. Heather was no longer unattached. Richard was trespassing.
He was the one her details were reserved for.

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Hard Truths: Chivalry

“Giving up on lunch, he returned his tray to the kitchen and walked over to the campus post office to collect his mail. Spring was peeking out from under the snow and his thoughts indeed turned to thoughts of love. Or sex. Same thing. He had forgotten to check to see if Abigail had already left the cafeteria but found himself very much looking forward to their meeting. One on one, he would have opportunity and excuse to look into her eyes, study her smile, admire her hair, steal a glance at her throat, and when she turned around to walk out of his office, enjoy that view from behind again as well. That was the real reason men let women exit an elevator first, so they could follow behind and check out their asses; it had nothing to do with chivalry.”

Random quote from An Ordinary Man (on sale this week at; sex underlies almost everything men do.