Hard Truths: Metamorphosis

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Richard turned and saw Sean [his son] standing several yards away; all boy – flushed, tousled, sweaty, but as yet unmarred by testosterone. And irritated that his father was talking to the mother of his classmate in the presence of the classmate. Oh, Sean, Richard thought, if Katie takes after her mother, you would be well-served to be friendly with her. Although actually, contemplating the things young girls will grow up to do filled him with unease, and not just because of Amanda [his daughter]. He preferred not to think of the transmutation from young girl to young woman.

When I was in my early twenties, I was married to a beautiful and very sexy girl, also in her early twenties, and when we came to visit her parents, the fact that we had an active physical relationship was probably abundantly clear to her father. I never gave that much thought – how he must have felt as I plundered his daughter in his own house. And yet, the premise of my novel is that an active sex life is essential to marriage, so when I hope my daughter is happily married ….

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