Excerpt: Nature Screwed Up a Bit

“It is too bad, he thought, that sex involved penetration and the emission of vaguely objectionable – or perhaps even completely objectionable – fluids. He didn’t mind them, but for the most part they were from him; what she contributed he welcomed as an acknowledgment that he had done well, and was enjoying it. You had to be a pig or a dolt to not worry about her status. Her role was to offer herself up for penetration and his was to make sure she found pleasure in doing so. Men did not necessarily want the intrusiveness of penetration, or the mess of ejaculation; it’s just that that was how it was done. If touching foreheads dryly together somehow resulted in orgasm, men would be as adamant about touching foreheads as they are about inserting themselves into their partner’s body. Nature screwed up a bit with the whole penis-vagina-semen thing and he suspected it has caused difficulty between the sexes ever since.”