Hard Truths: Chivalry

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Giving up on lunch, he returned his tray to the kitchen and walked over to the campus post office to collect his mail. Spring was peeking out from under the snow and his thoughts indeed turned to thoughts of love. Or sex. Same thing. He had forgotten to check to see if Abigail had already left the cafeteria but found himself very much looking forward to their meeting. One on one, he would have opportunity and excuse to look into her eyes, study her smile, admire her hair, steal a glance at her throat, and when she turned around to walk out of his office, enjoy that view from behind again as well. That was the real reason men let women exit an elevator first, so they could follow behind and check out their asses; it had nothing to do with chivalry.”

Random quote from An Ordinary Man (on sale this week at Smashwords.com); sex underlies almost everything men do.