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Month: August, 2015

Female BFFs: Fish Without Bicycles?

There was a thought provoking article by Emily Witt in the T Magazine section of the online NY Times this Sunday (August 23, 2015) about how we are being confronted with displays of female BFFs, the “new power couples.” In it, Witt wonders why the Instagram postings sometimes seem smug, leaving consumers with a sense of unease over not having such perfect lives themselves.

There is another take as well. Feminists used to say that a woman without a man was like a fish without a bicycle. While that certainly may be true, I’m not sure too many straight men would say that about men. A man without a woman is incomplete, by more than half. His soul is empty.

Is it the same with these women? Who are they looking all perfect for, especially in their sexy duds? Other women? Interesting thought.

I’m on the Ashley Madison list

imageIt should come as no surprise that the author of a book on infidelity has explored the topic in real life so I wasn’t surprised to see my email turn up in the data dump. What might come as a surprise is:

  1. I never paid the site a cent.
  2. I never made contact with anyone through it.
  3. No one ever made contact with me through it.
  4. I would not have followed through if 2 or 3 happened.
  5. It was fun to sign up.
  6. There are serious problems in my ‘marriage.’

There you have it – the truth from a player who is no more than a frustrated husband.