An Ordinary Man

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Month: June, 2014

Sleeping Naked

When they first started sleeping together years ago, three months after they met, she wore soft little things that could be almost brushed aside; she slipped out of them as if from underneath flower petals. Lavender, pink, white nothings as soft as the flesh beneath; suffused with her warmth. Eventually she stopped wearing anything at all, leaving no impediments of any kind. He loved how nothing separated them at night, how her skin would be warm or cool but always there even when he wanted nothing more than the intimacy of that contact.

What Richard, the protagonist in An Ordinary Man, knew instinctively has been confirmed in a survey conducted by Cotton USA: it is good to sleep naked with your spouse.

As summarized in an article by Meredith Engel in the New York Daily News:

Fifty-seven percent of those who reported sleeping in the buff said they felt happy, compared with 48% of pajama wearers and 43% of nightie wearers. People who wear onesies — who knew grown people still wore them? — are the unhappiest in their relationship, as 15% of participants reported being unsatisfied.

With Tongue Firmly in Cheek,

I offer this:

American Student Rescued from Giant Stone Vagina

with the comment that that doesn’t look much like any vagina I’m familiar with.