Hard Truths: Hugs

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Hugging a woman you haven’t slept with always gave you a little insight into what it would be like to do so. For those few seconds, you became privy to details ordinarily reserved for her lover. Some of those details, such as the enthusiasm with which she embraces you, are dependent upon her feelings for you, but others, such as how she smells, the texture of her hair, the depth of the flesh covering her back and shoulders, are just there for the taking. He dropped one arm low to push her slender body into his, midsection to midsection, and was pleased at the lack of resistance. She would join hips readily.
As he was soaking up these illicit details in his embrace, he looked down the path from which she had come and noticed a young man standing off in the distance, looking at them. He was quite slight, not particularly tall, with a face darkened by a thin black beard and eyes that seemed all pupil. Of course. He relaxed his grip on the young man’s woman. Heather was no longer unattached. Richard was trespassing.
He was the one her details were reserved for.

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