Hard Truths: Soft Undergarments

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Such pretty things bras could be, with such a charming assignment; hold the lady’s breasts in place, please. What a concept. He disliked the new ones that presumed to improve upon a woman’s natural shape, or worse, added mass that was not there while smoothing over the nipple that was. Understandable in some environments but so asexual and inorganic. The one she was wearing was more like an undergarment than the molded cups in vogue today, which resemble nothing so much as a medieval cuirass as they hang on the shower rod to dry. Once taken off, hers would crumple in his hand like undergarments were supposed to, rather than persist as a misguided corporate attempt to homogenize female anatomy.

a cuirass

a cuirass

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