Happy Accident, or …?

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Dr. Richard Wilson, the biology professor and ordinary man of my novel’s title, is an adherent to the Elisabeth Lloyd theory of the female organism – that it is a happy accident – but researchers have once again put forth a function according to the NY Times.

Their theory holds that the female orgasm was once necessary to trigger ovulation in females that did not encounter males regularly enough to make a periodic cycle worthwhile, it being expensive, biologically speaking, to produce an egg for fertilization.  Looking at animals with an internal clitoris, they hypothesized that penetrative sex would trigger orgasm, which would release hormones associated with the release of an egg, helping to ensure that random, chance sexual encounters would result in the pregnancy needed to carry on the species.

I don’t know enough comparative anatomy to say other than “that’s interesting” – especially with respect to an internal clitoris – but remain convinced that something about childbirth and the rearing of offspring tamp down the female sexual response quite a bit, to the new father’s dismay.

Someone needs to look into that, because Dr. Wilson is a fictitious character and cannot and real-life relationships are being ruined.