“Grey” – As in Christian Grey

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

It was recently annouced that a fourth book in the phenomenally popular Fifty Shades series will be published on June 18th.  This one, entiled simply Grey, tells the story from his point of view and I, for one, am very interested in reading it as I’ve been a student (some say victim) of male sexuality since adolescence.  How accurately will E.L. James, a woman, be able to capture the helplessness a man feels in pursuing a consensual sexual relationship, whether it involes kink or not.  This is something lost in most discussions of sexual politics; sure, males are the rapists, exploiters, and creeps in non-consensual situations – and should be hung for it – but women have the power in friendly encounters.  I’m not sure if my lover and I have ever had sex against her will, but I know we have not had sex against mine.  That’s why we separated.