Weight Loss: The (Very) Sad Truth

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

As a man almost 6’2″ tall, I have weighed between 200 and 220 pounds for the last 20 years (I’m 60). Two-twenty was definitely a bit chunky, but I scoffed at my ‘ideal’ weight of 178. That was ridiculous, especially since few people considered me overweight at 210.  Not too mention that I couldn’t get under 200 pounds to save my life.

However, between April 1, 2015, and May 1, 2015, my weight dropped to 185 – in a month!  Of course I cheated; I spent half that time, two weeks, on the cardiac floor of the local hospital.  Some of the weight is water weight.  If you don’t watch your sodium intake, I will suggest you’re carrying maybe ten pounds of water and although you can’t/shouldn’t take diuretics to get rid of it, it’s sodium that holds it in.

But most of the weight loss came through portion control, meaning I didn’t eat nearly as much as I did before I got sick (trust me; there was NO exercise involved – I was pretty much bedfast most of the time).  I’ve been out two weeks now and I’m still 185, without exercising. It’s two slices of pizza instead of four or five, two Tagalong Girl Scout cookies (the stated serving size) instead of half the box, an 8-oz can of Coke rather than one of those damned 20-oz bottles.  And no fast food – not because of calories, but because of salt content.

Not only do I not miss the excess amounts, but I actually enjoy the little ripple of hunger that comes along every once in a while.  I probably haven’t been legitimately hungry in decades.  An abnormal result?  Perhaps.  But people comment on how much weight I’ve lost (by lying in bed and eating less).  Unfortunately, I remain ugly.