Pass the Diacetyl and Save Your Marriage

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Life in the Boomer Lane

If you are a therapist, member of the clergy, marriage counselor, or author of a book about relationships, Life in the Boomer Lane has some mighty bad news for you. For the mere cost of a movie ticket (and, of course, popcorn), one’s marriage can be saved.

Contrary to what many might believe, this therapy does not involve purchasing a ticket for one’s spouse (hopefully, the discounted senior ticket), seating them in a theater of their choosing (with ample popcorn), and hoping they stay there forever. It does, however, involve watching and discussing five romantically-themed movies with ones spouse.

Psychology Today reports that a three-year long study out of Rochester University found that a movie-based intervention worked as well as a therapeutic intervention in preventing divorce, cutting the divorce rate in half, as compared to a control group. Movies, it seems, can teach us how to succeed at marriage. It…

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