Miley Cyrus: Feminist

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

"French Fashion plate from c1780 showing an exposed nipple" -

“French Fashion plate from c1780 showing an exposed nipple” –

She’s young enough to be my daughter, but Miley Cyrus’ attention-getting finally got mine after the New York Daily Post published a pixelated picture of her topless on her hotel balconey in Australia. I went to my favorite internet search engine, made sure Safe Search was off (it was…) and googled “miley cyrus topless.” What happened next sort of surprised me after dozens, if not hundreds, of photographs of an incompletely dressed Miley Cyrus came up. In some, her nipples were completely visible. In others, there was strategic placement of other body parts or ‘safe’ camera angles, and in others, she was wearing see-through garments with obvious, and in-you-face, pasties.

I realized that Miley Cyrus, with tongue definitely not in cheek, appears to be striking a blow for the de-objectization of the female torso. She is clearly saying, to me anyway, what is the big deal about the female breast and its nipple? She could hardly be more matter of fact over that she is female, and that this is what her female torso  looks like, and that we all know that, so can we end this foolish charade of pretending it is some great mystery? Why is it okay for hot, buff guys to walk around topless, strutting their stuff – and showing their nipples – but not for women? The French celebrated the beauty of the breast in the late 1700s and we’re still talking about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ 250 years later?

Note two things: 1) I’m not saying toplessness should be permitted anywhere – just as there are situations wherein a man without a shirt would bother me (‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’), so too would a woman without one. Substantial clothing remains desireable 99% of the time. 2) Just like I probably shouldn’t – okay, definitely shouldn’t – run around too much with my shirt off, so too with some women. That would be because most of us simply don’t make that cut, or because the rare few of us make it too easily. Prime physical specimens create disturbances and I would hope they’d realize some modesty is the cost of their great beauty.

In any event, I have to applaud this woman’s efforts, if that is her intent, to desexualize breasts even as she keeps them pretty.

Now the twerking and south of the border concert stuff is another story ….