Feeling Forty Plus (literally)

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

I’ve been a member of the Flickr photosharing website since 2007 and have made several pretty good friends through it. Some of them are ladies who sometimes shoot selfies that are sometimes revealing.  Two of them, having reached their forties, have grown a little hesitant.

Observation No. 1: As I’ve said elsewhere, there should be no shame in an attractive person (male or female) taking an attractive photograph of themself, almost no matter what it depicts. Thus there should be no shame if such an image is hacked or leaked. In keeping with this, I support the ‘free the nipple’ campaign, unless we are willing to shame men who expose theirs. Secondary sex characteristics need to be de-sexualized, at least to the extent we are not offended by a sculpted male’s naked chest.  Of course there will always be women who should probably keep their shirts on, just as there are men who should as well, but that’s a matter of simple aesthetics, not moral judgment.

Obervation No. 2: Yes, my Flickr friends, you are getting further away from that ideal twenty-something you once were, but that doesn’t mean you are getting less attractive. Presumably your lover is also getting further away from that semi-ideal twenty-something he once was as well, and he’s probably more comfortable with not having to suck it in quite so much. I would much rather be involved with a complicit 40-something than I would with a mere kid. You know things she hasn’t learned yet and you are wonderful to look at and to touch.  Maybe your selfies don’t have quite the same vibe, but please do not sell yourself short. The world can use age-appropriate soft-core.