Wedding Rings & Their Scars

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

wedding band

When Richard, the frustrated protagonist of the novel An Ordinary Man, flirts with a woman he runs into at the airport, the following exchange takes place:

Linda returned his smile but paused before saying, “I’ve noticed your ring.”
“That’s why I keep it on; to avoid false advertising.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m married, but separated. I’m not in a position to pursue a serious relationship. And I don’t usually bother pursuing casual ones.”

I don’t wear a wedding ring these days, but it’s not because I’m playing the field. Rather, it is because I do not warrant the privilege of wearing one, being physically, mentally, and emotionally separated from my wife. The band should signify that you are one who is in a relationship as rich and rewarding as a marriage can and should be. I’m not.