Hacked Celebrity Nudes

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Why is this even an issue? I mean apart from the invasion of privacy concerns, which have more to do with accessing private data than exposing nudity. Let’s face the facts: we all share the same basic body plan (all men are put together in essentially the same fashion, as are all women), we’re all naked for some portion of every day, many of us have had sex, and several of us have taken naked selfies, for our lovers or personal histories.

That a person might take a non-pornographic nude, or even a pornographic one that doesn’t involve children or animals, is hardly a surprise. If they happen to be one of the beautiful people, the image most likely will be aesthetically pleasing. It might even be quite erotic. And if it gets out into public, it’s nothing that need be apologized for, or embarrassed about: here’s me, I’m naked, and I’m even sexier than you thought! Where’s the reason for even an ounce of shame? Hop on a pedestal and you’d be a museum piece everyone would admire.

An Ordinary Man looks at even the dirtiest pictures this way:

All of the clips he clicked on showed attractive, even pretty, young ladies appearing to enjoy their participation in what would be for him rather edgy activities. The smiles and laughter were what thickened his blood; the women were engaged in hardcore sexual activities, but they appeared to be having a good time. The way they broke into smiles and how their eyes shone at critical moments convinced him they weren’t all pretending. But of course they could be having fun doing what they were doing; many of the images couldn’t even be considered pornographic. No image with such smiles in it could be. This is what men and women do with each other – this is what they should do with each other. Unbridled pleasure was not an obscenity.

For those bluenoses who think it’s foolish to take revealing shots of a loved one, I’ll just say I’m very glad to have this one, which I took in 1975:


Aside to subjects of said images; even if they swear to keep them private, they won’t. Trust me.