God Loves Sex?

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Nature has a way of imbuing activities essential for survival with both a negative element and at least a modicum of pleasure that also positively reinforces them; it’s not just that being hungry is uncomfortable; it is that eating is pleasant. A cold drink does not just relieve the nastiness of thirst, it also tastes good. Sleeping is more than the relief of fatigue, it is pleasant in and of itself.
“This is also true with sex, although it is somewhat different. A lack of food, water and sleep will eventually kill you – in a distinctly unpleasant manner – so the increasingly ill effects of doing without any of those three is usually sufficient to compel the organism to try to take care of them. Hunger, thirst and fatigue are not nice; we take steps to avoid them and would even if partaking of food, water and rest were not inherently pleasant. It’s not necessarily the same with sex. Technically speaking, a lack of sex is not going to kill you or any other animal. But courtship can be astonishingly expensive and not always productive, so some animals might just say the heck with it. It is possible that is why sex is so pleasurable; nature wants to make certain you put forth the effort it so often requires. If you think about it, raising young is so incredibly expensive, not to mention potentially dangerous, that you have to wonder, why bother?”

Richard, an ordinary man, explaining to his students why sex might be so pleasant. The title of this post comes from an article in the New York Daily News about a non-denominational church hot on the idea that God loves sex. I’m not quite sure I follow the theology there, but it is clear that few things in life offer quite so much pleasure.