Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Far be it from me to psychoanalyze anyone, but the tragic loss of Robin Williams does open doors to necessary conversations and reflections. I’ve read that he was concerned about money, had been divorced twice, and was plagued by addiction issues. But for me, the most significant thing I read is that he apparently retired at night to a different room than his current wife slept in, whether that is true or not.

If you are in your sixties, past your working prime, and not sleeping with a woman you love, you might well be suicidal. I have trouble seeing where you wouldn’t be. It is my situation, and I am hanging on by my eye teeth. It is not a permanent solution to a temporary problem, as many are wont to say, but the only apparent solution to a permanent problem. I cannot fix my situation, anymore than he could fix his, even without addiction issues.

Robin Williams was clearly an extraordinary guy, but at heart I suspect he was an ordinary man, just like the rest of us. The death of intimacy is the death of marriage is the death of the spouse. Maybe that’s not true in his case, but you might want to ask yourself if it is, or headed that way, in yours.