The Dark Side

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)


“That left Richard to look across the table at Heather, who was trying to follow their conversation while picking at her dessert, but occasionally catching his eye.

Such a lovely person. Would she marry the philosopher? He’d be getting a good deal, her maybe less so. Of course all women tended to get cheated in a marriage. They went into it all high-minded about true love, white knights and all that. Men went into it for something a bit more basic; is this woman good enough to be the last one I’ll sleep with? The answer to that was often colored by love and other commendable feelings, but men don’t marry because of fate, or destiny, or any other romantic notion, and none of them wore white for very long. She seemed very affectionate towards him and he certainly was mindful of her but the odds were so long. No one ever would have suspected he and Liz would be hanging on by their fingernails. You only borrow love – just as with life, you never own it.”

Although we might like how you laugh, smile, cook, knit, balance accounts or replace faucets, guys don’t get married for those reasons; sex is what makes us ache to see you when we’re separated. There’s always the nudie bar – or worse – if she has forgotten that.