Robin Thicke & Mateness Points

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Three hundred million views – 300,000,000 – of Blurred Lines on YouTube seem to have blurred some lines with its singer, Robin Thicke. Not to mention the topless, nearly nude dancers surrounding him in the video, the infamous twerking during whatever music awards those were, and whomever it was that tolerated his ass-grab during a me-with-a-famous-person shot. While it must have been fun while it lasted, it all resulted in his long-term mate, the quite lovely Paula Patton, moving out.

Now he is in the midst of a very public, and rather strange, effort to win her back. I’m not sure it’ll work. For many years, the couple had apparently enjoyed an equilibrium in their mateness points; he was successful enough to please her, and she was woman enough (with all that that entails) to keep him in check. Then a smash hit and notoriety upset the balance and he, apparently/possibly, felt he had points to spare. He didn’t; JFK might have, Robin Thicke didn’t. It wasn’t you, man, it was their careers those lovely ladies were focusing on.

But if he wins her back with an embarrassingly public display, she may be ceding him even more points, as in she couldn’t resist me, so I must have more mateness points than she does. I hate to see a long-term relationship fail, but striking that balance, reconciling accounts, making adjustments, rebates, etc., is something that needs to be done in private.