Isla Vista Tragedy

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Sexual frustration lead to an insane act of violence in Isla Vista the other day when a 22-year old virgin killed and injured innocent people in “retribution” for his inability to get laid.  By coincidence, I happened to watch a movie the next night, Irreversible, in which a young woman, in bed with a new lover, scoffed at his comment that he had stolen her from his best friend by saying, “the girl always decides.”

This is dangerous ground to comment upon, because nothing justifies what happened in California, but there is an ineluctable connection here. Females have what males want and many of those males have no way of getting it unless the female decides to give it to him. Not so true the other way around; take any random female and any random male and I would guess – and it’d be just a guess – that she is ten times more likely to find a socially-acceptable one-night stand than he is on any given night.

There are of course other inequalities between the sexes that might more than balance this out in the long run, but Isla Vista was not about the long run. My point is that there may well be many more men out there than we are comfortable acknowledging who may understand what happened better than we’d like them to, even though they may never do that themselves.

Sex is very serious business, a fact that my novel An Ordinary Man attempts to explain. This guy was not an ordinary man in any sense of the word, but yet, he wasn’t quite as far from it as we might like to believe.