Donald Sterling Isn’t Ignorant – He’s Evil

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

I don’t write about racism on this blog but I feel strongly that anyone who has a public forum, no matter how modest, should take to it to condemn Donald Sterling and his remarks, even if it interrupts the regular flow of business. Especially older white males. If I could buy an “I’m Not Don Sterling” button, I would, and wear it.

This is not ignorance on his part, this is not a “product of his time” – this is evil. The idea that whites are inherently superior to blacks – or any other race – has always been evil, as well as usually believed most fervently by the those who aren’t as good as anybody, including their primate cousins. I cannot stand that race is even the smallest part of today’s socio-economic landscape and long for a time when my saying hello to a random black person on the street doesn’t surprise them.

To be honest, I hate parts of black culture (gangster rap) as much as I hate parts of white culture (meth heads and white supremacy), but the former doesn’t define a black person to me anymore than the latter defines a white person. And I’m not so crazy about what his young mixed-race “consort” might be up to, but that’s another matter.

Time to leave the stage, Sterling; sell your team and retire to behind closed doors, taking your evil thoughts with them so they won’t be heard again.