Vibrators, Glocks and Paychecks

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

With the invention of vibrators, Glocks, and paychecks, it is increasingly possible for a woman to look at her man and say, “What do I need you for?”

Farnoosh Torabi explores the impact earning a bigger paycheck can have on the male-female dynamic in a new book, “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women” (available on According to its blurb:

For the top-earning woman, the rules are different. She faces a much higher risk for burnout, infidelity, and divorce. In this highly practical book, financial guru and media star Farnoosh Torabi—a breadwinner herself—presents a bold strategy that not only addresses how income imbalances affect relationships and family dynamics, but also how a woman can best manage (and take advantage of) this unique circumstance—emotionally, socially, and financially.

I haven’t read the book so I can’t endorse it, but it apparently has evolutionary overtones, which, of course, figure heavily in the novel, An Ordinary Man (also available on, so I will venture that it’s worth a read. Who knows, it might even get into mateness points.

About the vibrator and the Glock? That’s just a catchy headline, although I for one believe that no matter how well you may be able to sex, protect, and provide for yourself, the love of another person cannot be duplicated or replaced. There is something transcendent about a successful, long-term relationship that beats everything else. These two books could each contribute to your success in accomplishing that.

Post inspired by: Female Breadwinners Renegotiate Relationships by Maria Shriver