“And when I do love, it will never be a love that gives a damn.”

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

An Ordinary Man struggles to explain the differences between men and women, especially with respect to how they view love and sex. I may need to add another chapter, having come across Musings of a Virgin-Whore, about the 27-year-old virgin medical student auctioning it off for a minimum bid of $400,000. Now here’s a woman who seems to understand the imbalance of power An Ordinary Man focuses on; imagine some guy 1) being a virgin at 27, and 2) being able to auction it off for even $40 if he was. I don’t have a problem with the auction, but the title of this post, lifted directly from her blog, gives me pause: what kind of love doesn’t give a damn? I’m missing something. Good luck, Elizabeth Raine, whoever you are.