Six Things That Work

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Fawn Weaver – author of “Happy Wives’ Club” – interviewed thousands of couples in dozens of countries around the world and found they had six things in common, according to a report by Joanna Prisco via Good Morning America on Richard, the ordinary man in the novel of the same name, would agree, with modifications.
1. Put Marriage Before Children – No. 6 on the published list, Richard would put this at the top of his list. Children are a biological consequence of love and cannot be allowed to supplant the love that resulted in their creation.
2. Respect – No. 1 on the published list, but heavily dependent upon Richard’s No. 1, above. Not putting the marriage before the children disrespects the marriage and thereby the spouse.
3. Rituals Enhance Romance – No. 3 on his list, too. There has to be something the couple does together everyday that they have done for years, that reminds them everyday that they are a couple and have been for years.
4. If the Bond is Solid, Sex will Follow – Richard would move it up a notch, believing that if the sex is solid, the bond will follow. Sex creates the bond, or burnishes it, not vice-versa.
5. Divorce is Not an Option – Originally No. 2, Richard places it much lower; divorce isn’t really an option, if you consider the post-family with the family as originally imagined. But keeping 1 through 4 in mind can keep you from getting to this point.
6. Spirituality Can Be a Stabilizer – No. 4 on the original list, Richard would agree that celebrating holidays, which tend to be religious, creates warm & fuzzy traditions that can help re-establish what was good about your life when you started sharing it.