Condoms for “Crunchy” Women?

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“He sipped the soft drink she had given him and looked out over the mountains of New Mexico, or maybe Colorado. Monogamy for him had never been much of an issue. He used to joke with Andrew that freedom from condoms alone justified it, but in truth he accepted it as something of a no-brainer. You couldn’t sleep with all the attractive women out there, you’d be likely to get hurt by women who finished with you before you were finished with them, your history would eventually become unpalatable to any woman other than those more promiscuous than you were, and would the conquest really be worth the effort if she considered you just the next one in a long line?”

There was an interesting article on, if you got past the somewhat off-putting title (“Move Over Trojans, Condoms Appeal to Crunchy Women“), discussing the impact of female purchasing power on condom manufacturing and marketing. The sad fact of the matter is that it often falls to the woman to protect herself from both pregnancy and STDs resulting from casual encounters these days and women seem to like gentler marketing and more environmentally-friendly construction (I guess that’s what’s meant by “crunchy” women – tree-hugging granola eaters?). An Ordinary Man argues that monogamy is the better route, especially if the woman is soft and tender.

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