Well, yeah ….

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

"You mean you don't?" (photo by Jason Edwards)

“You mean you don’t?”

Richard Wilson, the evolutionary biologist whose struggle with marital sexuality is explored in the novel An Ordinary Man, would be amused at the discovery of the black-tailed antechinus, heralded in a CBSNews.com piece. According to the report, “[m]ales of the species mate so intensely that they die before their young are born.” The females of this species of marsupial apparently mate with many males over an extended mating season, storing the sperm until they ovulate, resulting in the birth of half-siblings.

“To raise their chances of siring more offspring, males mate for hours at a time with many females, Baker [Mammalogist Andrew Baker of the Queensland University of Technology] said. This sex bacchanalia sends the animals’ stress hormone levels skyrocketing, which eventually results in death.”

photo by Jason Edwards