“Soul Mate in a Box”?!

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

An Ordinary Man details the struggle a married man, Richard Wilson, has with his unfulfilled sexuality, including the damaging effect his involuntary celibacy has on it. Thus it was interesting to see this piece, again in the NY Times (but this time in the Sunday Review) by Daniel Jones, on February 7, 2014, wherein he writes:

“We’re always searching for new ways of finding love that don’t involve having to feel insecure and vulnerable, because who wants to feel insecure and vulnerable? That’s the worst part of the whole love game, putting oneself out there to be judged and rejected. So when we get the chance to hide — whether through typed messages we can edit and control, or by saying whatever we’d like over Skype without expecting the relationship to ever turn physical — we’re freed from much of that anxiety, and we’re fooled into thinking this may be a better and truer way of having a relationship.”

The whole article is worth a read; click here for it. I’m guessing you’d rather have the real thing, though – wouldn’t you? I know Richard would….