Cheaper Than Counseling …

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Recent findings (Rogge et al., 2013) suggest that couples can strengthen their relationships over the first 3 years of marriage by watching movies together and then using them as a way to discuss their own relationships.”

Professor Ron Rogge of the University of Rochester has some very interesting ideas about how couples can work to improve or even save their marriages by discussing movies about distressed marriages; brilliant! Spouses can complain about personal shortcomings without getting too personal. As his website makes clear, there is no shortage of these films and the idea certainly sounds solid.

Similarly, An Ordinary Man takes a deep dive into the male sexual psyche, perhaps deeper than any movie can (if only because a book is better suited to looking into a mind), and may, I submit, answer and/or articulate issues that can be hard to bring up, but are nonetheless crucial to your guy’s marital satisfaction.

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Note: Neither he nor the University of Rochester have endorsed this website or the book it pertains to, and no suggestion is intended that they have in any way. The common ground here is only that works of fiction can be used to help couples discuss real life issues.