Kind Words

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

An Ordinary Man was written with the intention of helping women understand men, using the format of a novel to do so.  Elsewhere I have commented that its working title was Men 101.  Thus it comes as something of a surprise to me to have touched a chord with the guys:

“… it was very good and  a little closer to home in certain respects than I would have liked.  Your writing style is your best asset. You wrote about love, science, philosophy, law, conflict, sex, sentiment, morals and drama without ever changing your voice to become preachy, sappy, nerdy or whatever. So what stood is a unique story with memorable characters. … Since you have given the subject of marriage extensive thought, I wonder if we could compare notes a bit. As I alluded to above, Richard and I have some things in common, and a PhD is not one of them.”

“It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed a book that much. It’s funny, catchy, touching, instructive, lively and thrilling up to the last word. The subject is controversial, as is the plot. It reminds us that there are two kinds of people that despite some apparent similarities act, feel and think in a complete different way. It should be mandatory reading for new adults and a guide for those who are stuck in a unsatifying relation.”

“You have poisoned my mind. 😉 I’m walking around today and the narrative in my head when I see a woman is that of Richard. Very unsettling.”

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