12½¢ a Year For a Better Relationship?

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Isn’t that your New Year’s Resolution?  To have a better relationship with him?  I doubt you can beat the price of 12½¢ per year (that’s $0.125 for those of you coming of age after the demise of the cents sign) price I’m offering.  Let me explain, however, because this IS a marketing ploy.

An Ordinary Man is a novel.  Fiction.  Fictitious characters.  Fictitious circumstances.  Fictitious events.  None of it happened, except, maybe, coincidentally.  But it was written with the benefit of journal entries dating back to 1978 and photographs to 1974.  That’s 40 years of meticulous observation.  On women, sex, monogamy, and marriage.  All of that has been brought to bear in the story.  And for the first ten days of the new year, it is on sale for just $4.99, which amounts to 12½¢ per year (5 bucks divided by 40 years equals 12½¢ per year)

For that meager sum, you get an in-depth view of the ordinary man’s mindset, a little science, and a fair amount of steamy sex.  You might not look at your guy much differently after reading it, but you are likely to understand him better.

The sale will run from January 1, 2014 until January 10, 2014.