Single Malts and Cigars

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Richard Wilson, Ph.D., posed the question as he was enjoying the rich amber liquid in the crystal tumbler his friend, Andrew Hillsdale, M.D., had given him. They were in Dr. Hillsdale’s office, where they had been meeting irregularly after hours on Fridays for years. The conversation was usually over the doctor’s latest single malt discovery and almost always included sex.”


“Andrew motioned they should move to a pair of padded chairs at the far end of the deck and produced two cigars. For a long while they merely watched the smoke curling in the still air, their feet up on a low table as they sat next to each other on the outdoor couch. Neither of them knew how to restart the conversation.”



Write what you know is common advice for a new writer.  When it comes to whiskey and cigars, I don’t know much beyond that they denote, almost universally, Men Being Serious.  Wealthy men, like Andrew, sing the praises of single malts; men of more modest means are just glad it’s whiskey.  And I remember a party during an unseasonably warm December where a bunch of us guys stood around outside smoking cigars our wives would subsequently not appreciate.  But we were Serious, and we were Men.