The Cars

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

Although all the cars seem to come from the early 2000s, they are not really meant to date the story to that time period because I didn’t really have a specific time period in mind.

Andrew’s Bentley


The Bentley Continental GT was a stunning redesign of a ’50s classic  that was introduced in the early 2000s and immediately sold out despite a six-figure price tag.  The car could hit 200 mph out of the box.  Despite its impressive price and capabilities, older models are frequently available in the $50K range.

That’s less than an E-Class Mercedes ….

Sarah’s Unappreciated Gift


Mercedes has been building their SL (Sport Leicht) two-seaters since the ’50s.  The one I had in mind as Andrew’s gift to his wife was a fifth-generation version, built up until 2008, that looked like this one, except in red.

Richard’s Ten Year Old Domestic Wagon


There was no better car to represent Richard’s more modest ride than my own at the time, a 2004 Mercury Sable station wagon that traveled 203,000 miles before needing repairs too expensive to justify.

Andrew’s Step Down


It’s not a Bentley, but a 3 Series BMW isn’t a bad ride