Maillot or “One-Piece Swimsuit”?

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Liz had stopped wearing two-piece suits long ago, rejecting Richard’s argument that the slight slackening of her belly after bearing Sean was unavoidable but also sort of sexy, and wore a tight maillot. It pushed her breasts up and the high cut to the leg extended her toned thighs while flattening the offending belly. She looked good.”

maillot 2 crop

I was disappointed to read on Wikipedia that the phrase “one-piece swimsuit” has “almost completely replaced maillot” in everyday usage because it was thanks to what I knew as a maillot that I first realized there was more to the beach than bikinis and that the women who had out-grown bikinis were not to be overlooked.  For me, maillots were strapless with high-cut thighs, either feature being exceedingly pleasant to contemplate, whether poolside or at the beach.  They tended to be black and worn by women likely not reluctant to take them off.  One-piece swimsuit isn’t nearly as sexy to say, nor that much easier to pronounce.