Lecture Halls

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)

“Morning came quickly, as fateful mornings are wont to do. He had a chocolate chip muffin, orange juice, and a cup of strong coffee to brace himself, showered, knotted his tie, slipped on his jacket, kissed Liz on the forehead asking her to wish him luck, and paced himself carefully to the lecture hall. It dwarfed Aeolian’s and smelled of history. At least one Nobel winner had lectured here. The portraits of past professors hanging on the back wall had heard some brilliant thoughts here, as would, he hoped, the members of the search committee that had by now trooped in and taken their seats immediately beneath them.”


Many teachers, lawyers, politicians and clergymen are fond of the sound of their own voice and thoroughly appreciate an appropriate stage.  Few stages are as choice as the old-fashioned lecture hall, preferably one that’s paneled and graced with portraits of bygone greats.  Richard clearly relished being in the pit as well. Having been an attorney and a teacher, I know the feeling.