Nice Houses

by An Ordinary Man (the novel)


Andrew’s Tudor sits on five acres on the outskirts of the affluent but entirely fictitious college town of Fairhaven, PA. There is a Fairchance, PA, whose name I always liked, but that town is nothing like Fairhaven. His is a home befitting a successful cardiologist and may have been inspired by one I’ve long admired in the better section of my own neighborhood.

Dr. Sheridan’s place is modeled after one I saw for sale on Nyatt Road in Barrington, RI, a place I’ve never been to other than in cruising through online real estate ads. Houses there have lovely views of Narragansett Bay and are reasonably close to Brown University, the unnamed prestigious university in the story. I’ve not had anything to do with Brown, although a neighbor went there.

Richard’s more modest home is modeled after my own; a charming money-pit.